Are you looking for a Best Massagers for Lower Back Pain.

You are suffering from lower back pain. may be due to long working hours at the office or muscle strain at the gym, you know how uncomfortable it can be.

But you are not alone, according to a study, almost 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain in their life.

It not only impacts your productivity, but it also has serious economic implications. Almost $50 billion is the expenditure of Americans on back pain related issues.

In search of possible solutions, you might have come across the term Massage.

Massage is one of the most trusted ways of relieving lower back pain.

But going for massage therapy is not possible for people like me who have other commitments in life.

And also regular visits to a massage therapist is a costly affair.

SO now the equation is you have back pain, and you don’t want to visit the therapist .

So what’s the solution?

Yes, you are right!

A Best type of massager for lower back pain.

But To choose a perfect massager for yourself is an overwhelming experience.

Massagers not only vary in Cost but also in their execution-style and technology.

To help you make an informed decision, we have categorized 11 best massagers for lower back pain.

SO let’s get started.


RESTECK- Massager for Neck and Back with Heat

After a hectic tough day at the office, your back is hurting like hell. Now you need a perfect massage to relieve that daunting pain.

SO, RESTECK- Massager for Neck and Back with Heat can be the best solution for that.

This back pain massager machine works on the Shiatsu Kneading Massage technique.

You can use it to soothe aching back. or on any part of the body to ease the body’s stiffness and improve blood circulation.

It comes with four rotating balls, two on each side. Accompanied by four buttons.

  • first for power on and off,
  • Second for speed control of rotating balls,
  • Third one is a cool feature you can change the direction of the balls clockwise or anti-clockwise.and
  • fourth is to turn the heat option on and off.

Yes, you heard it right; it has a heat option to provide quick and effective relief.

IT comes with a handy duffel bag so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

It has an AC adapter for power supply and a car adapter to use it on the go.

IT is not super loud and  gets turned off after every 15 min, so if you feel what if I forgot to turn it off? So no worries there.

Top reviews:

Out of almost 12000 reviews, it maintains 88% five-star rating.

  • One reviewer said, “This item finally has me sleeping .
  • Another found it to be an excellent gift for her pregnant daughter.
  • One of the reviewers describes it to be an excellent alternative to deep tissue massage at a spa.
  • One more says, “I have bad pain and numbness in my back and neck from having a desk job. This is the first one that has helped relieve the tension”.
  • Yet another one, “My back can get challenged traveling, and this helps not having my back go out on trips.”
  • Ron says “Thanks to the “arm straps,” I can put the messaging action where I need it and adjust the pressure.”

Our Take

This massager can be a great partner for you.
with features and reviews by other users mentioned above and by our learning we found that
This product is a very effective solution for the back pain that, too, at a reasonable price.


  • With various control mechanisms, you can adjust it as per your need.
  • Anyone in your family  ranging from 16 to 70 or beyond can use this.
  • portability is one of its main features so that you can carry it with you.
  • With the arm strap, you can put it wherever you want and can change the pressure at your convenience.


  • does not have the cordless option, which makes its use a bit restrictive.
  • The balls are plastic, it can be challenging to use it on the body parts without many muscles.
  • positioning of the balls sometimes makes it awkward at some spots.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Do You want a bad back essential? Then this one’s for you.

This Electric massager is compact and you can use it in home, office, and even in your car.

This massager has four massage nodes which change its direction after every minute. And make you feel like you are getting a massage from a professional masseur.

You can also turn the heat on or off as per your need.

For your safety, the massager shuts off within 20 mins to prevent overheating.

One of the most amazing features is with only 3.5″ height. It fits well around your lower back.

With adjustable straps, you can use it in your car, chair, and sofa.

This massager comes with two options.

  • ZMA-13RB-BK is a wireless option with lithium-ion batteries and can give backup up to 2 hours.
  • ZMA-13-BK-: For this, you need to plug in the device to use it.

Top reviews:

  • out of 15000 reviews, this product has secured a 75% five-star rating. And the tag of Amazon Choice.
  • Louis got his lower back injured and felt the effect for many months. After using this massager daily for 20 min, he thinks that his pain has reduced.
  • One reviewer was so impressed with this device that he ordered four units for his entire family.
  • Rogue loved this massager for her lower back issue. And I enjoyed it while watching TV.
  • One reviewer bought it for his wife, and after finding it amazing, he now tells about it to another person.

Our Take

with its ergonomic and compact design, it’s a perfect Electric massager for Lower back pain.



  • With the nodes changing the direction every minute, you will have a great experience.
  • You can use it anywhere while playing the video game or sitting on your sofa enjoying your favorite TV show.
  • With Auto shut off functionality, it’s safe for use.
  • With its wireless feature. You can use it in your car without the trouble of keeping the DC- Car adaptor plugged in.


  • may cause some issues if you have bulky physiques as you may need to adjust the nodes to fit in the desired area.
  • With only a one-button operation, usability becomes a bit restrictive.
  • Users cannot control the direction of the rotating nodes as well as the heat intensity.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager – Handheld

We have found Deep Tissue Massage is one of the effective methods of getting relief from Lower back pain.

It Works on  Trigger point therapy.

With firm pressure and slow strokes it massages the deeper layers of the hurting muscle.

If you want relief from that annoying back pain, That keeps you from playing with your kids . Then this Deep Tissue Percussion massager for lower back pain is for you.

With up to 3000 pulses per minute, it provides comforting deep tissue penetration.

Its Long handle and 9 ft long robust cable help you in massaging those hard to reach areas.

This massager comes with four unique attachment heads.

  • Deep Muscle massage-: This attachment makes it a best full body massager. when you want to relax and get an excellent full-body massage.
  • Four Finger Flex Massage-: finger-like attachment is there to get rid of tension from your neck. it will make you feel like you are getting a massage from a real human. ( we found that awesome)
  • Acupoint massage -: Remaining two are more related to our topic. This helps you get deep penetration into a specific area where you face the greatest tension.
  • Flat disc massage-: This will help you in massaging the entire lower back area. (pro tip- To get most benefit massage from the top of the spine to bottom, and from the center to outward.)

These attachments help you in customizing your massage experience.

Whether you want gentle thumping movement, finger massage or massage to a pinpointed area

Customer Reviews-:

  • After using it on lower back, one users said, “I have never been so massaged even spending a hundred dollars for a professional”.
  • It impressed one user with the reach of its handle and he also found it to be value for money.
  • Omar is  buying one for his father, after getting relief in his lower back pain issue due to surgery.
  • Kelly, who has a strain in her lower back, found it fantastic to loosen the muscle and make her feel better.
  • Tony loved the acupoint massage attachment which provides the most localized pressure.

Our Take

With long handle and four attachments.
This massager becomes great in fighting with lower back pain.


  • With 9ft long cable maneuverability become easy.
  • You can customize your massage experience.using Its four attachments.
  • It is Portable,which means you can carry it and use it wherever you want.


  • The long handle makes it easy to reach your lower back, but your hands may feel tired if you are handling it for a long time.
  • It takes time to become used to its variable speed dial.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager

Are you looking for a Handheld deep tissue massager but want a cordless option. Then we found RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager is the best option for you.

No please don’t get us wrong this is not the only different criteria to pick this massager. It’s quite different from the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager. Let us tell you what makes it the right choice.

1.This massager can go up to 3600 pulses per minute.

2. It has an auto-shutoff functionality, set at 20 min to prevent damage due to overheating.

3.Unlike the Speed dial in Wahl Massager, it has four dedicated pushbuttons.

  • For power on/off,
  • Reduce and increase the intensity, and
  • For adjusting the four modes of percussion.

It has Five attachments for providing massage as per your convenience

  • Round Head-: for General point massage to give you deep tissue massage to get relief from your back pain
  • One point head-: It is more focused and gives a trigger point massage to the affected area.
  • Three Intensive Head-: For massaging a more significant area. It’s rubber-coated and effective to loosen the stiff muscles of your lower back
  • Three-point head-: This one is especially good for the lower back. If your pain is not intense and want a gentle massage, then this attachment is right for you
  • Curved head-: You can use it to massage your arms and legs.

As we said earlier, this massager is cordless, but the beauty is it comes with a convenient charging base.

In one full charge, it can last up to 140 mins.

Customer Reviews-:

  • Bob found this massager to be a game-changer when it comes to lower back pain.
  • Kathryn had back surgery and was suffering from muscular issues for many years. Now this massager acts as a backup massage therapist to her.
  • Elizabeth says this is what I was looking for to help relieve lower back and hip pain.
  • One of the users found it giving immediate relief in loosening the lower back’s tightness.
  • One user says it’s a go-to for lower back pain.

Our Take

With the Cordless option, this massager impresses us a lot.


  • With the buttons, it becomes easy to control the massage’s intensity.
  • The battery backup is impressive, and lasts for almost one week if you are taking massages for 20 min daily.
  • portability is one of the significant features to choose this in our list.
  • With five different attachments, you get a perfect massager for your lower back.


  • Avoid keeping this device discharged for a more extended period. It may cause some issues in getting up.
  • With its vibratory motion, you may feel pain in your hands if you hold it for a more extended period.
  • It takes some time to become used to attachments.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager

MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager {Cordless}

OK, I know what you might be thinking: One more handheld massager. Haven’t you discussed two already?

Now why this one?

Let me clarify.

While reviewing the two handheld massagers, we found them to be excellent for the lower back.

But with long handle and weight balance, it’s difficult to massage lower back for a longer period.

When we started researching while keeping this point in mind.

We found MIGHTY BLISS Massager to be the most suitable massager to handle this issue.

It’s slim, and lightweight, and  helps you enjoy your massage without hurting your arms.

Apart from this, various other features forced us to include this massager on our list.

IT has a maximum intensity of 3700 Pulses per minute, making it more effective in those hurting areas.

It has six attachments to provide various types of massage experiences.

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Acupoint massage
  • Sports massage and
  • Scalp massage

Trigger points, acupoint, and sports massage are most suitable for lower back pain.

It takes 60 min to charge the battery, and the battery lasts for approximately 120 min on a full charge.

It comes with three-speed settings to adjust the massage intensity as per your choice.

Customer Reviews-:

  • Anna says her husband found a huge difference in his lower back pain after using. MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager.
  • Russell received this massager as a gift on father’s day and found it excellent on his lower back.
  • One of the users says that it outperforms my expectations of other massagers he has owned.
  • O’flan recommends this to everyone. After using this massager on his lower back where he was feeling pain after surgery .
  • Kirmitt says due to its curved design, it’s easy to reach your whole back yourself.

Our Take

It becomes easy to handle and massage your lower back with this massager. With its lightweight feature and curved design,


  • with a hassle-free lifetime replacement guarantee, the purchasing decision becomes simple.
  • Six attachments make it an all-round massager also includes an accessory for scalp.
  • with its lightweight, you can carry it wherever you want.
  • It takes only one hour to charge it, and you can enjoy it for almost six days with a 20 min session each day.


  • This massager lacks heat function.
  • Need time to get used to all its features and attachments.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

what if you don’t want to adjust the massager according to the body


don’t want to bend the body as per the massager.

What you want is to relax and let the massager do its job.

So we have a perfect allrounder for you.

OK, don’t get us wrong. Let me explain. And we promise that you will be in total agreement after reading the full review.

You can use this while sitting on office chair, working on your PC or at home listening to your favorite podcast.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager provide you many ways to massage your lower back

2D/3D shiatsu massage-:

  • four rotation nodes will make you feel you are getting massage from a shiatsu massage expert.
  • These nodes moving inward and outward and, with heat option, provide exceptional comfort.

Quite innovative, don’t you think so?. By the way, they call it creative 2D/3D shiatsu massage.

Rolling and spot massage-:

  • This feature helps you to get rid of tension on your lower back.
  • By adjusting the massager once you can massage your lower back, or press a pinpointed area.

This spot massage feature can alone tempt you to buy it.

But wait, there is more to this massager.

Air massage-:

  • want to enjoy the deep tissue massage in your lower back ? it’s fantastic air massage feature is there.
  • It has two airbags designed in a way that they gently squeeze your hips and lower back. To make you forget about the pain.

Customer Reviews-:

  • Harold, who was suffering from lower back pain for years, found this massager better than the personal masseuse.
  • Quing found this massage remarkable and says, ” The Rollers are strong, and sturdy gives you a real massage. I lay down on my couch, and the rollers have no problem massaging and moving up and down.”
  • Robert enjoys the air massager feature the most and says that it is his favorite feature.
  • One reviewer says that he was suffering from lower back issues since he was a kid, and this massager hits the spot.
  • Lisa loves this massager and uses it once every day and says, “it helped me with my stiff lower back.”

Our Take

By now, you might have agreed to our point that this is an allrounder.


  • Apart from taking care of your lower back issue, you can also use this to relax your other body parts.
  • Rolling and spot massage with Air massage is best option for lower back pain.
  • This massager has a Strap for tying it to chair or sofa.
  • you can massage a focused area using this massager.


  • Too many features can be overwhelming for some people, for that, it has a demo mode to get accustomed to it.
  • When the timer goes off, you need to adjust the massager again to get the message at the required spot.
  • For The spot selection function you need to change it as per the body size if there are many users.

Body Back Buddy

SO, You are doubtful about using electric body massagers.

And think that adjusting the intensity, charging the equipment, is not for you.

And want something that doesn’t need electric power and also does the job for you.

After researching many products, we picked Body Back Buddy for you.

Let us explain why?

Ok don’t get confused by looking at the design.

Ya, it looks like a distorted Bow with many knobs hanging from it.

But it does its job pretty well.

It’s quite durable, and you can’t bend it easily ( we tried but failed).

It has 11 Knobs with three shapes.

  • Six Round Knobs
  • Three Acorn style Knobs
  • Two Knobs with nub Style ( or pin Point type)

It works on the principle of trigger point massage.

where it presses the affected area, which results in interruption of the pain-spasm cycle. When you release the pressure, your muscle will relax due to the flow of fresh oxygenated blood.

Due to its design, you can use it on whichever part of the body you are feeling pain or strain.

And for Lower Back Pain, its 2 Nub Style Knobs (Knobs 4 & 6) are Perfect.

You can place these knobs on either side of the spine, and press on the affected area to get most relief.

For Lower back pain use knob 1& 11 if you wish to apply pinpointed pressure.

Use it, place the knobs on the affected part, and apply pressure as per your comfort.

Keep the pressure on for 10-30 seconds ( do not keep the pressure more, or it may cause more pain) and then release.

Customer Reviews-:

  • Stephanie feels that after trying many things, this is the Best health buy ever.
  • One reviewer says it is the cheapest and the best solution for lower back pain.
  • Will says, ” There’s never anyone around to help me with my neck and back pain. Now that I have this, I can help myself”.
  • Toby, who is a gymnast, says, “It’s great for athletes or anyone who is looking for an easy to use self back massager.”
  • Kelli Says, ” This is by far the best money I have ever spent, Where has this been all my life.”

Our Take

As we have already pointed, this is the best tool for you if you want to try out trigger point massage.


  • You are in full control and can apply pressure as per your comfort.
  • Due to its S shape design, you can target the hard to reach areas.
  • You can use Knob 1 & 11 to enjoy two types of trigger point massage on a particular spot.
  • Due to its build quality, chances of damage or breakdown is minimal.


  • We found that The knobs should have been less; you may feel that they are acting as a hindrance.

Sonic LX Personal Percussion Massage Gun

We can not complete the list without the inclusion of a massage Gun.

And this was a tiresome task for us.


Because so many massage guns are available out there, picking the best one was difficult.

But we went ahead, and after a lot of exploration, we decided to include Sonic LX Massage Gun on the list.

Sonic by LifePro has designed many massage Guns, and most of them look quite similar.

After going through many of them and others, we picked this one.

Professional trainers and Physical Therapists have recommended this massage Gun.

This massage Gun Comes with seven massage heads, to help you in treating every kind of pain.

Out of this, we found these to be best for treating lower back pain.

  • Ball Tip-: This head is for soft massage and great for massaging your lower back’s outer areas.
  • Bullet Tip-: This head is for intense trigger point massage.
  • Flat Tip-: Suitable for massaging a large muscle group and helps in improving blood circulation.
  • Dome Tip-: This is a soft tip to treat a sore muscle.
  • Spinal Tip-: As the name suggests its use to massage along the spine.

This massage Gun has nine intensity levels, which give you an option to choose the power as per your requirements.

With a single charge, this massage Gun gives the backup of approx 4 hours.

Which means you can enjoy multiple massage sessions without any worry.

The LED screen displays current intensity level and easy to use large buttons help you toggle between different settings.

One of the crucial qualities we found is its low noise operation.

So you can enjoy the massage without dealing with the noisy hammering sound.

Customer Reviews-:

  • One of the Reviewers found this great and says she loves how powerful this is and how quiet it operates.
  • Max was suffering from pain in her lower back after giving birth to her second child. Now after using this, she is feeling better and batter every day.
  • One more reviewer says, ” Its work is terrific and saved me 100s in Chiropractor bills and X-ray.
  • Arch Says, ” This is an Amazing Product at a good price.”
  • Tyler Says, ” This is a powerful and useful tool. This has helped me tremendously with my fibrosis in my lower back”.

Our Take

While looking for a massage gun, Power and Effectiveness were two significant factors.


  • With a PPM of 1800 to 3400, we found this massage gun to be quite powerful.
  • With the option of 7 massage heads and 9 intensity levels, this massage gun provides a lot of options to treat your lower back.
  • Bullet Tip was our favorite when it comes to lower back pain.
  • Quietness in operation makes it more desirable.


  • 1800 PPM may not be less intense for a few people.
  • Due to rubber handle grip, it may slip from your hands and be cautious about it.
  • With its power, it is suitable for lower back pain but needs extra care while using other body parts.

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager

Has this ever happened to you that you want to pick one thing, but the second choice is also so right that you can’t resist and choose that one too?

The same thing happened to us.

We have already included a handheld massagers for lower back pain in our list.

but while researching other massagers for lower back pain.

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager was always grabbing our attention.

And we had no choice than to incorporate this in our list.

The primary reasons for choosing this one is

  1. Its Unique double-headed design provides you the effect of double massage and a feeling of getting a massage with two hands.

2. Pair of Three changeable massage nodes.

  • Intensive massage node- to provide a precision massage experience.
  • Deep tissue massage node-to massage a particular body part.
  • Circular Massage Node- to provide acupuncture treatment.

It has Rubber Grips on the handle which makes it comfortable in handling.

This massager comes with a powerful motor that provides 3350 pulses per minute.

As already stated with three interchangeable massage nodes, you can choose what type of massage you want.

The circular Massage node is a great addition. You can experience acupuncture along with massage.

Moreover, with two massage heads, it covers double the area compared to single-headed handheld massagers.

Like other massagers, you can choose the speed and intensity in this massager, which helps you in adjusting them as per your needs.

Customer Reviews-:

  • Cheryl loves it for her Relaxed Lower Back.
  • Holly had suffered lower back pain due to playing golf and now feel that it’s an excellent buy for back pain.
  • One of the reviewers whose wife was suffering from lower back pain due to surgery found it to be a great deal because his wife now falls asleep while he massages her back.
  • Tia found it to be Heavenly and recommends it to anybody with lower back pain.
  • After using this massager on his lower back, Cruz says, “my Lower back says thank you.”

Our Take

We found all its nodes to be quite useful on the lower back. But it would help if you tried it sometimes to choose which one suits you the best.


  • with its design, this massager is going to provide a powerful massage experience to your lower back.
  • With multiple massage nodes, double-headed design, and adjustable intensity/speed level, it will make you feel relaxed.
  • With its non-slip rubber grip handling, it becomes easy.
  • Its 71 inches, long cord gives you freedom of movement.


  • Due to double heads it becomes a bit heavy. So you may need help while massaging your lower back.
  • It doesn’t provide the heat massage option.
  • Massage nodes are made of plastic, so you may require covering sensitive areas with a cloth while massaging.

Jeanie Rub massager

Until now, we have covered almost all types of massages to help you deal with lower back pain.

Now to make a list more complete, we have included the RUB massager and the massage belt.

First, let’s talk about the Rub massager.

This massager provides you with the massage experience from 1100 RPM to 4600 RPM with a twist of the switch.

On low speed, you will get a soft, soothing massage.

And on high speed, it delivers a more invigorating massage to help loosen any stiff and tight muscles.

Its orbital action massage provides you with a softer and deeper massage.

Use this massager for 5 minutes on the affected area, and you will achieve Great Healing benefits.

You Need to Consider few precautions while using this massager.

This massager comes with a Grounding Plug. So you need to connect it must to a grounded 120-volt receptacle.

Please consult an electrician before use if you have any doubt.

Please do not press the massager on the affected area, place it and adjust the speed as per your choice.

The maximum usage should be 20 minutes to avoid overheating of the massager.

Use cover while massaging on the skin to avoid damage to the surface and vinyl pad.

Customer Reviews-:

  • one of the reviewers says, ” This is great, it works well at relieving lower back pain after 5 minutes.”
  • Keith says, ” It’s the real deal and This unit puts the small handhelds to shame.”
  • Kimberly has been using this massager for about one year, and she loves it. Even bought it for her three sons and their wives.
  • Karen says this massager has helped him with a lower back pain problem. And found this to be the best hand massager he has ever owned.
  • Daniel says, ” I am on the “fluffy” side of the weight scale. and I have some issue in my lower back, and I need a miracle, and I found the best-mechanized miracle money can buy”

Our Take

If you want to experience an old-style royal massage where the masseur used to rub back and forth. You want to experience a soft and deep massage, then Jeanie Rub massager is best for you.


  • You can change the speed and adjust the intensity with a twist of a switch.
  • It has a 12-foot long cord for smooth movability.
  • Its fingertip control allows you to adjust the speed with ease.


  • It is not possible to use it without someone’s help while using it on your lower back.
  • You will need a A Grounded receptacle to avoid any spark or fire.

Comfier Heating Pad

Are you a fan of belt style massagers?

So that you can wrap it around your waist and do whatever you want.

We found Comfier Heating Pad to be the best vibrating massager with heat.

This pad provides heat therapy and helps you in reducing the lower back muscle tension.

On top of that, it provides a vibration massage to improve circulation in the affected area.

The velcro straps are wide and give excellent support. And with an adjustable extension, You can increase the size to 62 inches.( even though we found that it covers less than that)

The Remote in the massage pad has many options

  • power on-off switch
  • Four massage motors with three vibration modes for comforting vibration massage.
  • Two adjustable heat levels.

For your safety, it has an Overheating protection mechanism, and it shuts off after 30 minutes of use.

You can also use it without the heating option.

It is lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere in its storage bag.

Customer Reviews-:

  • One reviewer bought this for his father, who was complaining that his lower back hurts. After using the massage pad, his pain has gotten better.
  • Jannie, who is the mother of two kids, found this to be very comfortable and feels less pain in her lower back.
  • Jerry says, ” It’s a great product. It spreads my lower spine and relieves the pain immediately.
  • Raymond, who was suffering from chronic lower back pain, found that the discomfort is minimized with this product’s use.
  • Rachael recommends this to people who are suffering from lower back pain due to weakening muscles.


  • The combination of vibration and heat makes it an excellent pick.
  • It’s lightweight, so fold it and carry it anywhere.
  • The Auto shut off option makes it safe to use.


  • Heat intensity is a bit low as compared to other massagers.
  • Without the cordless option, the usage becomes a bit restrictive.

Conclusion on the Best massagers for lower back pain-:

First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this long post.

We have tried our best to prepare this curated list of 11 best massagers for lower back pain. And hopefully, it helped you in selecting the best massager for you.

Back pain is one of the most prevalent issues in the word, and massagers can be a great help in their cure.

But we will suggest you should consult a professional if you have severe back pain or pain due to surgery or due to pregnancy.

Otherwise, you can choose anyone from the above list.

Do not wait for the situation to get worse. Your body is your biggest asset, please take care of it, and our list can help you in doing that.

One request from our end, please do mention in the comment section about your thoughts on this post.

We will love to hear from you.

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