“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” 

-Napoleon Hill

 In advancement in mental sciences, People are getting aware about The power of Mind.

After The movie Secret, Everyone wants to Tap into that power and Manifest their Dream life.

But with so much information out there, and after traying many stuffs people like me are getting frustrated.

You Know Why ?

Because we Listen to Some Law of Attraction and Self-Help Master and get all pumped up to try it out. And we forgot this simple thing.

Do we really understantd what it is all about ?

Are we really prepared to take the leap of faith ?

And Then we fail and say ” Ah! its not for me” or “This stuff doesn’t work”

if that’s true

these masters should have been out of business long time back!

But they are thriving and the Personal Development market is expected to have a revenue of $56.66 billion.

So, Whats missing.

Hey There!

My name is Raj Raturi

From Last 20 Years i am trying to figure out the mysteries of mind.


Why we do what we Do?

Are we in control or someone/Something is controlling us?

And Many questions like this

These questions lead me into Meditation, Mind Control Techniques, Reading Books, Attending Seminars, Courses, Coaching and much more.

After all this i got to conclusion that!

To change something outside you need to change from inside.

This stuff weather you call it LOA or Personal Development works Inside-Out instead of Outside-In.

Before applying it you need to understand it.

With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding.

You need to be prepared for the change, the good stuff in your life before you pursue it.

But how to Develop This Understanding?

By Studying, By Practice Practice and Practice.

By Trusting your instincts, By believing in it and Making decisions based on it.

By Learning the art of Meditation. By listening to people who have achieved greatness in their life and following what they say until you find out its not worth it. But don’t stop you journey try something else.

With my Search, Study and practice I Have achieved Mental and Physical Well-Being. My relations are beautiful. and financially i am very stable and achieving new things every year.

Let me admit this honestly, I am not a master of this subject. I am still a Student.

But with so much of crap out there and the way i suffered.

I want to share whatever i have learned so far and still learning.

I have created this resource where i will share my understandings and will review the things which can help you in achieving your Dreams.

But This can only work if you work.

Simply listening and doing nothing will not help you. You got to decide and take action.

I love this Quote from James Allen. And wish to share with you.

“Mind is the master power that molds and makes, And we are Mind, and evermore we take. The tool of thought, and shaping what we will, Bring forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills. We think in secret, and it comes to pass Our world is but our looking glass.”

Plcidbody.com is the medium by which I wish to share whatever I researched, practiced and learn with everyone.

Disclaimer-: We are not professionals in this field; we aim to share the knowledge which we gather through our research so that you can make informed decisions.

Thanks a lot for reading my Story.

I will love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and criticisms. 

It will keep me inspired.