“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” 

-Jim Rohn


we forgot one thing.

That is our Body.

The only Vehicle we have to reach our desired destination is our body.

And we forgot this simple thing.

Hey There!

My name is Rajesh 

I am in a corporate job from the last 12 years ( Ya That Boring 9-5 stuff!)

Working hard to meet my Targets( Actually Companies Targets! and I know you can relate with that.)

To achieve my Targets, To Get that promotion, To get That Pay Raise, I ignored everything (Literally)

Most importantly, I neglected to Take care of My Body.

Which Resulted in Constant Headache, and Back Pain and some niggles here and there.

Guess what happened?

Yes, you are Right! ( Give a pat on Your Back. If it’s not Hurting)

My Performance Deteriorated.

I was unable to deliver what I Promised not only in My Professional Life But in my personal life.

Most importantly, I was not enjoying anything. ( Even Singing the lullaby and putting my two-year-old son to sleep)

How can you focus on one thing if your body is demanding you to concentrate on the Pain?

But As all of us do, I was also Neglecting the Signals. 

Because our So-Called heroes were saying ” Work Hard, Keep Your Focus on Your Goal, Forget the Pain. You have some dreams; you have a Family.”



And I did precisely the same. ( and I think you are doing that too.)

But when my Back Pain becomes worst. 

It dawns upon me.

What if I had Money. But I am not able to enjoy it due to my Physical Condition.

I need to do something,

What I did.

First Doctors, Medications, Then physiotherapist, Then. Massage therapist.

But Problem was it did provide benefits but not for a long time.

And keeping up with the schedule and taking care of the increasing bills was very difficult. 

So I started Searching for Something that can be cost-effective, and I can do it at my home whenever I have time.

And Found Few Very Effective Methods to take care of your Body for Peak Performance.


  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exercises.
  • Massagers

And many more things.

During the process, I met with a few like-minded people ( Three actually, who were facing the same issues as you and me)

We started working and inspiring each other, Gathered some knowledge, and got real benefits from it. 

And then we thought we should share this knowledge.

Plcidbody.com is the medium by which we wish to share whatever we research and learn with everyone.

Disclaimer-: We are not professionals in this field; we aim to share the knowledge which we gather through our research so that you can make informed decisions.

Thanks a lot for reading our Story.

We will love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and criticisms. 

It will keep us inspired.